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Photograph of 'Arakan'

One morning, I Met a person clad in rags who walking slowly emitting an offensive odor.
He was staring at the distant place with vacant eyes out of focus.

I started early in the morning by bicycle for searching them in busy streets and parks.
When I found them, I asked them by saying "Please let me take your snap shots"
However, they would't let me take the pictures so easily.

They hated it and walked away.I followed them and asked again and again.
I continued to follow them in spite of their spitting and hitting on me until they tired out with their patience.
They finally allowed me to take some pictures of them.
Their profile was as follows.

Person who allowed me to take pictures after I accompanied him for two days.
Person who keeps walking several tens kirometers a days.
Person who has no bedding and clothing with him.
Person who keeps chanting prayers earnestly.
Person who clad cntirely with vinyle wrapper.
Person whose hair was curdled like clay.
Person who is not able to hear or speak
Person whose face is uglily swollcn.
Person who keeps sleeping wholc day.
Person who is shuffling along because of malnutrition.

Out of the pictures of hundreds of persons I have taken during 4 years,
I have chosen 16 persons who have such burilliancy as if they are holding
position between Buddha and human.

I am sure those persons deserve to be called 'Arakan' who severs the ties of flesh and is assiduous in practicing austerities.

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