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Photograph of 'fujohkan'

In my attemt to realize 'death', I have decided to watch the dead body of a dog continuosly at the coast.

1st day

- I patted him on head wondering if his life was happy one.

2nd day

- His face seemed to be sad. I felt the odor became stronger.

5th day

- Many crows crowded at the spot and were pecking his eyes and

7th day

- His body was swallen, and blood and pus were flowing out.
Many flies swarmed upon it, and the odor became awful.

10th day

- The mouth was infested with maggots, and the body was swallen double. When I touched the body, it was warm.
As I thought the body heat was revived, I was inspired and
joined my hands to the body.

12th day

- The skin abdomen was bursted, and a lot of maggots were seen inside.
I was discouraged when I noticcd that the heat was caused by
chafing maggots. I thought 'death' is ugly and sorrowful.

15th day

- The bone was seen from a part of broken skin of face.
The body became so thin like mummy.
The odor became less stinking.
The dead body seemed as pretty as clay image, so that I took
some pictures.

24th day

- Maggots were disappered, and head, limbs and body were
dismembered completely.
It seemed that no creature have any chance to eat it.
In face with this scene, I felt the dog is really dead.

32th day

- Only small pieces of white bones were left which seemed to be soaked into the earth.

49th day

- The new grass was grown on the spot, and exsitence of the dog
was vanished.

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