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Photograph of 'Gyahtei'

After completing my two works- 'Arakan' and 'Fujohkan', I was groping for
next title.

In my mind, I was thinking of Buddhist four(4) pains namely 'birth'.'age',
'disease'. and 'death'.

And I had a desire to make photograph of either 'age' or 'disease' out
of them.

However, regarding the title of 'disease',even if I take a picture of
the figure or carriage of a sick person, it will not depict buddhist
'disease' but it will show only apparent reality.

Buddhist'disease' is the pain caused by inevitable retribution of human
I thought such picture will not make any photograph I aimed.

As to the title of 'age', I felt in the same way.
I thought afiguar or life-style of dotard is far from the title of my
next photograph.
One day, while I was talking with one of my friends, he mentioncd about
the nude of old people.

"This is it !" I noticed. For the title of 'age', making a copy of old
person's body will be good enough.

I thought more than a half of my work was done at that time as the next
step was only to find out proper model.

Since then, I have taken some dozens of pictures of old persons in the nude.

After selection, I found only some pictures of old women of about 90 years
of age left.
I thought those pictures depict faithfully "The last physical body of
human who is just vanishing away"

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